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It’s a collective project of visual arts, located in Cienfuegos, Cuba. We choosed the name (Poco Bonito, means Little bit pretty) after an album of a hip hop artista friends of us from Havana, Etián, Brebajeman. This name summarizes the spirit of the project which embrace diversity, tolerance and a wittly way to look at the nowadays Cuba, also the goal to extend our work to the community. Currently members: Amet Laza (painting and sculptures), Osmany Caro, Alberto
Veloz, José Montes, aka Pepe (painting), Carlos Fernández aka Mumito (painting and handprinting) and Mario F. Velázquez (painting) Roly (webmaster) y Carlos Infante (curator and Manager). We also have invited some friends to work with us like Marcel Molina, Carlitos Herón, Raúl Cué, Inmaray Tillet, Yasser Castellanos. It’s like a club where all people with positive energy is welcomed, we mix art with music (NO REGGEATON) and domino game. Our space works like a workshop
and a gallery at the same time. We also sponsor concerts of alternative cuban music, hip hop and reggae mostly (K’Bolá project). Almost 3 years we have been working as Poco Bonito Project. During this time we have done 7 exhibitions. We always mix art with alternative Cuban and international music. There are just two
differents ways of réflex our ideas of inclusión, embrece the difference, to be critical with racismor any other type of discrimination. Besides we use interactive techniques in order to bring our art to the “walking Cuban”, we have achieved that by doing action paintings and/or choosing a no tradictional location for the exhibitions. The artists who are part of PB Project were selected based in the critria of being team players and to have an explicit
attitude to artivism.

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